Ayame Hayashi is an accomplished Sholan beastologist, interested in Terman ecosystems.

Personality Edit

Ayame is usually calm, but if you manage to annoy her enough, she'll go ballistic. She's kind, to animals, at least. She prefers their company over that of humans. She is very intelligent and can be fast and stealthy, after all, she has to be when dealing with some pretty brutal creatures. Her decision to leave home shows she is determined to set her own path and not be guided by tradition, something dangerous for a Sholan to believe in.

Biography Edit

Ayame hails from a peaceful agricultural Sholan village. She was born to farming parents, the middle child of 5. Instead of pursuing the careers of her parents, or of her warrior brother, she decided to become a beastologist, travelling the world to study unique creatures. Her opportunity came when she found an abandoned boat on the shore. Over the course of a couple of months, she was able to fix the boat in secret, and she left in the dead of night, before her parents grew impatient and simply forced her to work on the farm or married her off to a rich man. After documenting countless species in Orma, she left for the land of Terma, where she hopes to document countless more.