Arant is one of the highest ranking generals in the Garlant army.

Personality Edit

Arant is gruff, strict and short-tempered. He works for his own personal goals, mainly power. He hopes to someday control all of Terma.

Other Quirks Edit

Arant often uses pigeons as messengers. He is also known for his constant pipe-smoking.

Biography Edit

Arant made it to his position in the army by way of politics, conniving and bullying his way. At some point he and his personal secretary, Helga, began a clandestine romantic relationship.

By the age of 45, Arant was sitting proudly atop the Garlant War Machine. However, he was searching for more to be master of. Preparing a massive offensive against the Shcots, Fairlans, and Landons, he began intensifying scouting efforts. One of these was sending Leif Rimnis, Karthra Von Carax, Von Cronts and another soldier to investigate Shcot military statistics. He also increased scouting efforts in Sholan territory, but unfortunately he learned that his Sholan officer was slain. He also learned that the Countess Elizabeth Primis was meeting with Count Orelius of Ornton, and sent spies to overhear their meeting, as he had an interest in the abilities and tactics of the Countess.